Backhaul and Trunk Connectivity Services


    More than ever, access to information is key for us all, to build, learn, share, grow and develop, yet almost half of the planet remains unconnected or with insufficient mobile internet. Connecting these populations is a major challenge for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), the telecom industry, satellite ecosystem, and governments with universal service commitments.


    MNOs want to expand coverage beyond urban areas and bring voice and data services to new subscribers who have increasingly high data or social media needs. In addition, developing rural connectivity can require significant network investment, both in CapEx and OpEx, before services can start generating revenues.

    Mobile backhaul over satellite solutions are widely available and truly cost-effective, but they also need to overcome some challenges. A simpler integration into the local mobile network is one of these.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Backhaul provides the answer to these challenges, combining network design, affordability and flexibility – all essential for a successful backhaul deployment. It extends 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon 5G, via satellite to rural areas, reducing the digital divide to ensure connectivity for communities and businesses.



    Backhaul solutions for mobile network operators


    Eutelsat’s customised backhaul solutions enable mobile network operators to expand their coverage and services, while Eutelsat and trusted partners manage the satellite backhaul


    Eutelsat ADVANCE Backhaul is a suite of tailored solutions designed for mobile operators, carriers, service integrators and rural connectivity operators. It offers resilient connectivity for all markets and regions, including rural and dispersed areas. Eutelsat ADVANCE is a flexible, scalable and reliable solution that offers end-to-end coverage expansion tailored to your needs as a telecommunications provider.




Eutelsat’s backhaul and trunking solutions enable remote communities to access the IP backbone or global voice traffic.



Our customised solutions cover the entire communications chain, from satellite link and network to roll-out and maintenance.



ADVANCE Backhaul offers a user-friendly interface with network management and monitoring tools.



Extend terrestrial infrastructure and immediately serve dispersed points of presence reliably.

Mobile network backhaul

As a mobile operator or service integrator, reaching remote areas requires extensive mobile network backhaul.

With ADVANCE Backhaul, you gain resilient connectivity with satellite redundancy that covers all markets and regions, eliminating the digital divide and effectively opening up new revenue streams for your company.

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Ultra-rural area backhaul

Untapped, emerging markets are a prospective opportunity for mobile operators and telecommunications service integrators.

ADVANCE Backhaul enables you to capitalise on this growing opportunity, with scalable end-to-end solutions and flexible business models such as PAYG, for coverage across wide regions, no matter how remote.

Private networks and trunks

Eutelsat ADVANCE Backhaul offers tailored solutions to extend 4G and 5G across all markets and regions.

We provide services for private networks using radio technologies, as well as regional trunking for carriers and its local integrators.

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Unmatched reach

Eutelsat’s satellite network covers every continent with a strategically placed fleet of orbiting satellites. No matter how remote the locations you visit, the distance you travel or the industry you are in, we have the connectivity solution for you.

High performance

Our legacy is built upon the advanced technology we employ to create connections wherever we go. Eutelsat’s solutions are versatile in their use and application, providing a seamless and scalable network experience for any industry or user.

Consistent delivery

Eutelsat is known for our consistent support of our customers. We offer efficient, highly reliable service delivery, 24/7 technical and strategic support as well as tools and options for customer troubleshooting.


    Flexible, scalable, unlimited connectivity 


    • Guaranteed reliable, high-power capacity, high-speed remote communications.
    • The only technology to be able to provide communications with 99% reliability.
    • Reinforces and extends existing networks and offers secure backhaul services.
    • Seamless connectivity for interconnecting corporate networks, extending maritime and inflight connectivity, backhauling mobile communications networks and more ways to grow enterprise-level connectivity.