Secure Connectivity Services


    National and international government networks, natural disaster relief management, special operations and nation-building all require easily deployable, dependable, secure, flexible and affordable communications. Whether you face challenges of remote connectivity, security, assured access to satcom services, resilience or agility, we can tailor solutions specifically for you.


    National governments around the world are increasingly using digital solutions to conduct critical missions, manage disaster relief situations, and implement nation-building initiatives. For many, this means using secure satellite telecommunication services with extensive reach and ease of access.

    Eutelsat offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for governmental activities with secure, agile, resilient and assured connectivity that can be rapidly deployed at a moment’s notice. Our solutions can easily reach remote areas for assuring access to critical services that can support any requirement and any scenario.



    Putting the control into your hands



    Eutelsat ADVANCE Government


    Maximise efficiency and have full control of your satcom services through a fully managed and reliable global connectivity solution.


    Available via our certified network of partners, and using future-proof technology, Eutelsat ADVANCE Government is a fully on-demand, secure, robust service with no commitment obligations. It provides a cutting-edge service platform accessible via API allowing partners to define and control their service packages according to their government needs.



    EUTELSAT QUANTUM is a revolutionary new, software-controlled satellite which puts you in control of your satcoms.


    When complex and critical missions or unpredictable events occur, such as short-notice missions or emergency scenarios, EUTELSAT QUANTUM’s secure, autonomous interface enables users to become Virtual Satellite Operators, reconfiguring coverage in real time to meet their needs. When your missions require complete control of your satcoms, EUTELSAT QUANTUM is a must.

    Eutelsat Welfare Solutions


    Connectivity for entertainment, communication and information is now a standard pillar of welfare for service members across the world.


    The evolving welfare requirements that military forces face today are increasingly difficult to meet, particularly for younger recruits. Eutelsat Welfare Solutions provide unprecedented connectivity and broadcast capabilities for any vessel at sea. With the extensive reach of satellite communications, Eutelsat provides optimized data and video delivery for the welfare of remote operators and crew.




Support any requirement, from on-demand capacity to complementing existing services, hosted payloads, and full satellite solutions.



All of our solutions can be rapidly deployed to respond to any situation and use the highest security measures available today.



Gain full control of satcom services through a fully managed and reliable global connectivity solution.



Never lack connection with Eutelsat’s fleet of satellites - no matter how remote the mission or environment.




    Whatever the government segment you work with, Eutelsat ADVANCE can help you meet new business opportunities

At Sea

Eutelsat gives you the ability to provide connectivity tailored to address the needs of Coast Guards, maritime surveillance, navies and other sea-based operations. Our high SLA-based solutions are critical assets for reliable communications and connectivity, and small maritime VSAT systems allow for easy antenna accommodation on vessels with limited room.

In addition, Eutelsat Welfare Solutions offer enhanced media delivery with live TV, push & catch-up and broadband connectivity received by an unlimited number of vessels within satellite coverage, to boost crew morale and recruitment.

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On Land

Cutting-edge computing technology and increased data collection have created a need for high QoS, secure services, resilient networks and increased operational agility for communications on the pause and on the move.

We provide modular solutions with secure value-added services and specific, robust terminals for operational agility, so you stay connected wherever you go. Our alternative business models with trusted business partners enables you to meet public budget constraints while matching global technological evolution.

Gain complete control over your Sat-comms

EUTELSAT QUANTUM is the first commercial Ku-band satellite to have a fully flexible payload that can be remotely configured by software from a user’s premises.

Clients can control their own payload and implement operational scenarios according to their mission requirements. Gain full control over your satcoms to conduct communications with mobile, reliable connectivity on a secure and controllable platform.

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Unmatched reach

Eutelsat’s satellite network covers every continent with a strategically placed fleet of orbiting satellites. No matter how remote the locations you visit, the distance you travel or the industry you are in, we have the connectivity solution for you.

High performance

Our legacy is built upon the advanced technology we employ to create connections wherever we go. Eutelsat’s solutions are versatile in their use and application, providing a seamless and scalable network experience for any industry or user.

Consistent delivery

Eutelsat is known for our consistent support of our customers. We offer efficient, highly reliable service delivery, 24/7 technical and strategic support as well as tools and options for customer troubleshooting.