24/7 dedicated customer support

With an extensive network of over 70 teleports throughout the world, you can access our satellites from almost any geographical location around the globe and connect to your audiences.

All transmissions via Eutelsat satellites are subject to certain standards and parameters to guarantee high-quality reception and the safety of the overall system. We constantly monitor and control our entire satellite fleet, to guarantee the best quality transmission of your services. We work with industry groups and leading satellite operators to find solutions to eliminate the disruption caused by interference.

And with over 40 years in commercial satellite communications, our unique human resource of 1700 commercial, technical and operational employees from 50 countries supports our customers' requirements around the world.


A global network connecting you and your audience

Offering a full range of video broadcasting, content distribution and data services, our extensive network of own, certified and partner teleports gives you access to our satellites from almost any geographical location worldwide.

We own and operate teleports in France, Italy, Madeira and Mexico. They have the highest technical and security standards and have ISO 9001 certification for all operations. Our Spaceports in France and Italy also have ISO 27001 certification.

In addition, a network of certified and partner teleports uplink to our satellites from Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Teleports are certified after an audit of their performance, to ensure they comply with the technical features and quality standards we require.


Ensuring service quality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Eutelsat's Operations Centres are dedicated to preserving the continuity and quality of both our satellites and the services operating via them.

We constantly monitor and control our entire fleet of satellites, guaranteeing the best reception quality and transmission of your services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are committed to ensuring the maximum level of reactivity in response to any operational requirements.

Eutelsat has four main control centres, dedicated to the satellites and their traffic, in France, Italy and Mexico.

Satellite Control Centre

The Eutelsat fleet of satellites is continuously monitored by our highly skilled team of satellite network controllers in the Satellite Control Centre (SCC).

With their technical expertise, satellite behaviour is constantly supervised and any potential problems are rapidly dealt with, maintaining the high-quality of the platform for customers' services.

The SCC operates around the clock, ensuring a high-quality, reliable service for our clients accessing the space segment.


Communications System Control

Our world-class engineers in the Communications System Control Centre (CSC) centre manage all access to the Eutelsat space segment.

Controlling and co-ordinating client's services, the engineers monitor transmissions both visually and via an automatic control system that continuously measures signal quality.

They are immediately alerted to any decline in service quality, allowing the problem to be swiftly diagnosed and the service restored.


Eutelsat Americas Control Centres

The Control Centres based in Mexico monitor all the services transmitted over the EUTELSAT 117 West A and 117 West B, EUTELSAT 115 West B and EUTELSAT 113 West A satellites.








Comprehensive field support to assist you in launching and growing your network


Eutelsat’s dedicated System Integration team offers turnkey solutions to customers worldwide, with tailored product and technical training programmes.

Our suite of training tools includes classroom courses, installation films, apps, roadshows, an on-line university and an on-line portal. These tools and our experience allow us to offer a complete service to clients worldwide.

In addition, our “satëlite” training programme ensures installation quality for DTH installations. We ensure the highest training standards and have a certification process guaranteeing the highest levels of performance.


Our network of trained engineers is coupled with a network of Field Support Partners who have been carefully chosen to offer the highest level of service and customer-care, backed by Eutelsat standards and quality guarantees.

Eutelsat has joined forces with a network of preferred local partners who can offer DTH, VSAT, data and Broadcast RF services tailored to your markets. Eutelsat has invested more than any other satellite operator in creating a network that offers this depth of service across such a wide geographical footprint.


We continue to create innovative new ways to make your life easier when working with us.

For example, our satellite antenna pointing app enables installers to programme and point a VSAT system using their smartphone or tablet. A secure installation report can then be sent to the distributor confirming the installation.

The app is also being adapted for DTH roll-out to alleviate the need for analyzers.

All our apps are available on iTunes and Google Play.


Working with you to ensure your success


Calculate the approximate times of occurrence of sun related outages at earth stations using our Extranet.






Find the following information on Eutelsat's Extranet: current satellite ephemeris; orbital elements; azimuth/elevation of earth stations; and archives.







DiSEqC Specifications

The DiSEqC™ (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) system is a communication bus between satellite receivers and peripheral equipment using only the existing coaxial cable. It provides a standardised digital system with non-proprietary commands and enables switching in multi-satellite installations.

Important Notice

DiSEqC™ level 2.3 has NOT been standardised by Eutelsat. Other DiSEqC™ products may not work correctly with products using this protocol. Please contact the manufacturer of any equipment carrying the non-standard and unapproved DiSEqC 2.3 logo for clarification.

Full specifications and associated documentation is available here.