Promoting access to knowledge, a major challenge for development

Eutelsat actively supports the teaching of the sciences in schools and, in a more general sense, is proactive in education through its promotion of digital access.

The Group has forged close ties with students in the telecom and space sectors, in particular through its employees who teach in university courses.

Educational partnerships are also implemented with a view to promoting student interest in science and technology.





Eutelsat alongside the Ailes de France Foundation

In 2022, Eutelsat is again collaborating with the Ailes de France Foundation.

Created under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Ailes de France Foundation aims to contribute to the awareness and promotion of the aeronautics and space world, for example by supporting educational, scientific, cultural and sustainable development projects, in particular in favour of young people.

In partnership with the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), Eutelsat is participating in the project through the ”Bourse ESPACE”, by financing four scholarship funds enabling young people to continue their studies in the field of aeronautics and space.



Eutelsat supports the CGénial foundation

In keeping with its commitment to fostering diversity, Eutelsat supports associations that raise awareness of science and science-related trades, particularly amongst girls.

This year, the company chose to support the the CGénial foundation in their efforts to attract young people to science and technology and help them along their career paths.





Mexican service providers are working with Eutelsat to address Internet connectivity needs under CFE Telecommunications’ connectivity project for rural schools.

Under the Internet para Todos initiative (IPT), Eutelsat plays a lead role in bridging the digital divide, alongside three leading Mexican service providers, including Apco Networks and Globalsat. Eutelsat is currently providing them with capacity on its EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite, aimed at connecting Mexican rural schools through the installation of internet access points.

“Connectivity has become a basic human need, and we are honored to be a key part in the solution to assist the Mexican government in its mission to get all Mexicans online. This also aligns with our CSR mission to bridge the digital divide” – Richard Mortellaro, Chief Executive Officer of Eutelsat Americas