World’s first GEO-LEO satellite operator

    Eutelsat Group represents the combination between Eutelsat and OneWeb. We have joined together to become the home for truly global, resilient GEO-LEO satellite services. Eutelsat Group is powered by its two strong business units, Video and Eutelsat OneWeb for connectivity.

    The combination strategically positions Eutelsat Group as a global leader in space communications.


    Eutelsat Group leaders have welcomed the finalisation of this all-share combination following the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Eutelsat shareholders.

"This is an historic moment for the satellite industry. We are bringing together two businesses that are at the forefront of delivering integrated, seamless and reliable connectivity to customers worldwide. […] We are ready to provide connectivity and services that will support economic and social development globally as a trusted partner for multi-orbit connectivity."

Dominique D'Hinnin
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dominique d'Hinnin, Chairman of Eutelsat Group

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Vice-Président

"This exciting combination will be transformative for communities and businesses worldwide, utilising the unique blend of GEO and LEO technologies. […] Closing the digital divide is a critical mission for Eutelsat Group and the combination of these two businesses, which have each pursued this goal separately, accelerates our progress."

Sunil Bharti Mittal
Vice-Président (Co-Chair) of the Board of Directors

"Eutelsat Group is the only GEO-LEO operator in satellite communications that can offer a ubiquitous connectivity service. We can address a wider range of customer requirements and provide hybrid connectivity services where they are required worldwide, all with industry leading resilience. […] The Eutelsat-OneWeb combination has given us the scale, financial strength and business proposition to capitalise on the significant opportunity."

Eva Berneke
Chief Executive Officer of Eutelsat Group

Eva Berneke, CEO of Eutelsat Group


Our company governance has evolved with changes in the capital structure plus Board of Directors, and Executive Committee setting us up to become a global leader in space communications.


Full financial and regulatory information as well as information for shareholders and prospective investors in Eutelsat Group is available on the investors section of the website.


Eutelsat’s Video services will continue to be at the heart of the Eutelsat Group, building on a multi-decade, strong track record of innovation in the video domain. Our fleet of global GEO satellites deliver around 6600 TV channels to 1 billion viewers, ensuring the highest television quality to users in areas underserved or unserved by terrestrial networks.


Eutelsat OneWeb represents Eutelsat Group's combined hybrid connectivity business unit. By creating the first global GEO-LEO operator, we are in a unique position to deliver high-performance communications worldwide as raw capacity through our LEO constellation or GEO satellites or using Eutelsat Advance managed services.


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