Comprehensive high-performance GEO-LEO connectivity solutions


    As the world becomes increasingly connected, the connectivity needs of people, businesses and nations become more intense. With increasing digitalization, remote offices, field operations, and science and research missions are all in need of a reliable connectivity service beyond the reach of terrestrial support.


    Leveraging the advantages of our unique GEO and LEO satellite networks, we already offer the best of both technologies in terms of coverage and performance. Our GEO fleet provides high throughput and network density whilst our LEO constellation provides low latency with global coverage by the end of 2024.      

    For our customers, this offers unique opportunities to overcome their digital challenges, providing high-end connectivity for users beyond the range of terrestrial networks. We address both fixed and mobile connectivity needs, and we meet different levels of requirements from wholesale capacity to turnkey end-to-end managed satellite as a service communication solutions.

    Applications range from backhaul to white zone coverage for telecoms operators, to internet connectivity in uncovered areas either as the main source of communication or for backup. Entities as diverse as maritime, aviation or telecoms operators to governments and a wide spectrum of businesses all depend on our satellite solutions to thrive every day.           




Global coverage

Eutelsat Group's satellite network will cover every corner of the world from late 2023, with a strategically placed fleet of both GEO satellites and a LEO constellation. Our multi-orbit, multi-frequency coverage means no matter how remote the locations you visit, the distance you travel or the industry you are in, we have the connectivity solution for you.

High performance

Our legacy is built upon the advanced technology we employ to supply secure, reliable enterprise-grade connectivity wherever we go. Eutelsat OneWeb GEO-LEO connectivity solutions leverage on the attributes of both technologies to provide versatility in their use and variety in applications alongside a seamless, scalable network experience for any industry or user.

Customer focus

From product conception to delivery, we focus on creating value for our customers. With service level guarantees, multi-layered security and seamless integrations, we work alongside partners and customers to manage, shape and scale our network solutions, making their satisfaction our priority.

Consistent delivery

We are known for our consistent support of our customers. We offer efficient, highly reliable service delivery, 24/7 technical and strategic support as well as comprehensive service management tools and options for customer troubleshooting.




Ready-to-use plans and VNO solutions for high-end connectivity services, across multiple sectors.



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VNO solutions or airtime per vessel plans, across different maritime markets. 



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Strategic partnerships for in-flight connectivity that is stable, reliable and fast, while on the move.



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Specific backhaul, support and services for mobile operator and user needs.




Specific scalable and secure connectivity options for governments.



    High-end wholesale satellite connectivity


    Eutelsat OneWeb breaks through terrestrial connectivity barriers with worldwide coverage, eliminating the digital divide and keeping you connected - wherever you need to be.


    Satellite technology facilitates a wide range of applications for business, governments, and communities on land, on the sea and in the air. Uses such as fixed and mobile backhaul allow operators to extend coverage to isolated populations; internet communications allow businesses to operate on remote sites and look after staff welfare; inflight and maritime connectivity promote security, well-being, and customer satisfaction, whilst satcoms ensure operation-critical communications and facilitate disaster recovery.

    As our reliance on digital communications to function day-to-day accelerates, running anything from a government to a business to a family depends on connectivity, wherever in the world that activity takes place. When terrestrial networks hit their limitations due to both physical and cost barriers - in remote locations, on the sea and in the air - that’s where satellite internet communications come into their own.

Leverage our unique portfolio of global assets


Eutelsat Group combines a fleet of 35 strategically located GEO satellites plus a global constellation over 600 LEO satellites. These complementary networks and technologies, with GEO offering network density and high throughput whilst LEO offers low latency and ubiquitous coverage, provide a wide choice of options to build solutions according to your requirements.         

Distributed through a network of certified Distribution Partners, our GEO and LEO satellite communications are available as wholesale capacity and packaged services to ensure your requirements are met and serviced to the highest standards.

Our network expertise at your service


Eutelsat Group is dedicated to helping you set up communications where you and your users need them. With our best-in-class reputation for reliable service with guaranteed SLAs, expert customer support plus service management and troubleshooting tools, we don’t just supply connectivity but closely support our partners to integrate connectivity applications.

We work hard to listen to our customers’ needs in order to provide solutions which cover the breadth and depth of their requirements. This is reflected in both our coverage and our wide-ranging, flexible offers: our unique orbital positions provide Ka, Ku and C-Band coverage to help you build the best network, whilst the availability of both Mhz and Mbps wholesale offers plus flexible, tailored contract management with our high throughput satellites, provides flexibility for your business.


    ADVANCE: Dynamic, High-end Connectivity Services


    Eutelsat ADVANCE is the global network solution for unlimited reach in a world where connectivity is a prerequisite for success.


    Enterprises and governments rely on satellites to connect them to the rest of the world and perform critical business and administrative activities. And as mobile backhaul requirements escalate, network operators are facing increasing pressure to provide backhaul connectivity in rural locations. With Eutelsat ADVANCE, the global network’s unparalleled coverage provides high-end connectivity to users beyond the range of terrestrial networks, through an innovative satellite network-as-a-service experience.

    Distributed by an ecosystem of certified partners, Eutelsat ADVANCE includes a range of highly-scalable, versatile connectivity services to help service providers address business opportunities across the globe. It is the only solution that provides full regional coverage, with a unique, flexible commercial approach.

    ADVANCE: Flexible, Scalable, Network-as-a-Service Connectivity

    Eutelsat ADVANCE is an end-to-end managed connectivity service, available via our certified network of partners. It enables partners to enhance and expand their service portfolio, through Eutelsat’s global reach, network capabilities and 24/7 support. Eutelsat ADVANCE includes satellite and terrestrial connectivity, as well as a management portal and APIs for partners and their clients.

    Available via both GEO and LEO satellite constellations, Eutelsat ADVANCE is tailored to meet your connectivity needs. Our ADVANCE GEO solutions ensure bandwidth, resiliency and reliability for your business applications. For applications where speed is essential, ADVANCE LEO delivers ubiquitous, low latency, high performance solutions.



A resilient global network

Eutelsat ADVANCE offers redundant coverage in high-traffic regions and is designed for business connectivity purposes in every market - no matter the challenges.

Whether your clients are located in the most isolated areas of the world, or constantly on the move, our ADVANCE GEO and LEO solutions will provide the connectivity you need.








State-of-the-art platform, cutting-edge technologies

Eutelsat ADVANCE network tools allow application-use prioritization and throttling to boost business-critical application performance at an affordable rate that scales with business demand.


Dedicated Customer Portal and APIs

Our APIs enable you to connect your IT systems to the Eutelsat ADVANCE network, to provide a fluid seamless user experience.







Reliable services with end-to-end security

Eutelsat ADVANCE provides consistent connectivity and peace of mind at the same time.

Service Providers gain full control to design and activate services through advanced network management and monitoring tools. In combination with intelligent band allocation and analytics, businesses can take their broadband into their own hands.


Unlimited service and support

Always have the guidance you need through dynamic interfaces and self-management applications for an innovative customer experience.

Should you need any assistance, our dedicated customer support service is available 24/7, all year round.








Flexible catalogue of tailored services

Only pay for what you need by choosing your service and engagement depending on your needs and expectations. Easily scale up or down your bandwidth with a dynamic allocation of supply and demand. With Eutelsat ADVANCE, you never stay locked-in thanks to no minimum engagements in terms of volumes or time.





Service plans and bandwidth can be increased or decreased on-demand - with no commitment for duration or volume required.




Seamlessly integrate Ku and Ka-band capacity to reach any remote location, independent of infrastructure or terrain, through a single platform.



Integrated, future-proof platform including network management and monitoring tools with intelligent band allocation and analytics in mind.



Control your own services with  dynamic interfaces, online service provisioning and self-management services. Rapidly deploy connectivity to remote sites and activate services or updates at the touch of a button.


    Flexible, scalable, unlimited connectivity 


    • Guaranteed reliable, high-power capacity, high-speed remote communications.
    • The only technology to be able to provide communications with 99% reliability.
    • Reinforces and extends existing networks and offers secure backhaul services.
    • Seamless connectivity for interconnecting corporate networks, extending maritime and inflight connectivity, backhauling mobile communications networks and more ways to grow enterprise-level connectivity.