Delivering sustainable connectivity globally


Eutelsat and OneWeb joined forces to form Eutelsat Group, the world's first fully-integrated GEO-LEO satellite operator, driving a revolution in space-based telecommunications to serve high-growth connectivity markets worldwide.

With a fleet of 35 Geostationary (GEO) satellites and a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of more than 600 satellites, Eutelsat Group addresses the needs of global customers in four key verticals: Mobile Connectivity, Fixed Connectivity and Government Services, all fast-growing markets, and Video, which remains a mainstay with more than 6,500 TV channels broadcast on its fleet.

Eutelsat Group's integrated solutions deliver safe, resilient and environmentally sustainable connectivity to help bridge the digital divide.



Over 40 years of innovation in a global satellite industry

Eutelsat Group is one of the most innovative operators in the commercial satellite business. Our continued growth is the result of a strategy focused on three key pillars:

  • consolidating our leadership position in Europe and expanding our presence across the globe;
  • developing digital services in the video market as well as in data and connectivity markets; and,
  • investing and innovating to renew our fleet of satellites and develop new applications and services.

From a modest start over 40 years ago, we are at the heart of a global satellite industry and vibrant digital economy.



Committed to vigilant corporate governance

Eutelsat Communications is the holding company of the Eutelsat Group.

The Board of Directors of Eutelsat Communications is committed to vigilant corporate governance and to supporting the Group’s further expansion

The Executive Committee’s members define and execute the Group’s strategy, whose principal directions are reviewed by the Board of Directors.



Fulfilling our corporate and environmental responsibility


Eutelsat Group considers incorporating environment, social and societal priorities within its businesses to be key to the long-term success of its operations and strategy. Our guiding principles, enshrined in the values shared within Eutelsat, thus underpin its CSR mission:

  • Eutelsat is committed to the responsible use of space

  • We bridge the communications divide across the world

  • We care about the environment, on Earth and in Space, and place its protection at the heart of our decision-making

  • We respect all our people, customers and partners, embracing diversity, fostering inclusion and striving to ensure equal opportunities for all. 



Space to grow when you join Eutelsat

Working at Eutelsat means becoming part of a dynamic group with a distinct cultural diversity. Our workforce represents 1700 employees from 50 different nationalities, working in 20 offices worldwide, and our revenues are generated from more than 150 countries.

You have a keen sense for team dynamics? Seek a position in which your quest for innovation, business expertise and customer-focused mentality will be key to your everyday work? Are known for your professional integrity and intellectual curiosity? Have full command of French and English, and knowledge of other languages? Then come along and join us!