High-performance connectivity


    The needs of businesses are growing the faster they expand. With new technology comes new opportunities; yet rising challenges and increasing budget pressure make it difficult to have the agility to capitalise on those opportunities.


    To achieve success, enterprises today need vital connectivity with consistent, high-capacity, high-speed communications to even the most remote regions.

    The world has changed. Increasing digitalisation, evolving employee and customer expectations, and environmental challenges, have all had a huge impact on the connectivity requirements that are a prerequisite to do business. Globalisation, cloud-readiness and the opportunities of the future have driven businesses to invest in reliable connectivity measures and IoT innovations.




    Eutelsat ADVANCE


    Dynamic high-end connectivity services for total agility, efficiency & improved time-to-market


    Eutelsat ADVANCE enables businesses to have the power to respond to challenges, capitalise on new opportunities, and grow their organisation beyond traditional reach.

    Available via our network of certified partners, Eutelsat ADVANCE is a new range of highly scalable, versatile connectivity services, to help you address business opportunities across the globe. ADVANCE provides business-ready high-speed internet and dedicated solutions for the practical needs of a modern enterprise, from small home offices to large corporations.

    ADVANCE ENTERPRISE offers connectivity based on the rapidly evolving needs of businesses around the world. Whatever the market segment that you work with, ADVANCE ENTERPRISE lets you customise your services based on your needs, on the fly. Whether you need packaged services for specific market segments or wholesale offers to manage your own service plan, ADVANCE ENTERPRISE has a solution for you.




    Simple, secure cost-effective IoT connectivity


    From remote machine monitoring to monitoring public lighting in Smart Cities Intelligent connected objects are increasingly required to collect or exchange very small volumes of data with remote devices. for oil and gas pipelines or agricultural equipment. Network operators need a reliable solution to connect these widely dispersed sites and backhaul critical data cost-effectively and rapidly.

    ADVANCE IoT is a simple, integrated satellite IoT solution delivering two-way IP connectivity between remote assets and the cloud.​ Designed to meet specific IoT technical & business requirements​, it has high spectral efficiency with no data overheads and can support hundreds of thousands of terminals.

    Enabling enterprises to focus their time and resources on their core business, rather than asset connectivity, ADVANCE IoT is ideal for enterprises to connect fixed assets such as smart meters, ATMs, and alarms, or for service operators to backhaul networks, offload traffic from LTE links, and deliver IoT connectivity outside licensed territories.




Boost agility and expand operations with guaranteed high-speed internet no matter your location or IoT needs



Wide variety of products from priority back-up to committed high performance solutions for data intensive or business-critical applications.



No infrastructure required - ADVANCE ENTERPRISE is a turnkey managed solution with no commitments.



Portfolio of managed services. Easy to integrate in the customer’s IT ecosystem via POP inter-connection and IT Automates (webportal & API).


    Whatever the market segment you work with, we can help you meet new business opportunities.

Civil Services

Connect schools, universities, administrations, public entities, hospitals and more with efficient, highly reliable, point-to-multipoint networks. ADVANCE Enterprise systems are simple to install and provide immediate accessibility with continuous high-quality transmissions. They can also be expanded at a very low cost to meet new demand.

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Banking & Insurance

Give your financial applications the most reliable solution on the market. Connect remote offices, ATMs and insurance companies with scalable infrastructure that grows with your client base and ensure business continuity. A variety of applications rely on VSAT connectivity, from broadband connectivity for local bank branches, to narrowband connectivity for ATMs.

Energy & Utilities

Connect the latest control and monitoring technologies with our reliable solutions and get the power to make smart grids, solar plants, and other renewable energy plants a viable business reality. Other popular applications for VSATs in this market include monitoring public utilities and connecting oil and gas exploratory expeditions.

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Retail & Hospitality

Connectivity improves employee and customer satisfaction. ADVANCE delivers high-end connectivity to retail stores and distribution warehouses, service stations, campsites and hotels, and remote tourist sites with an easy, reliable and rapid solution.

Construction & Mining

Remotely manage construction, building and public works, mining and landfill sites, roads, railway, and infrastructure operations. Utilise the very best technology with ADVANCE connectivity to improve the productivity and efficiency for your projects.

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Livestock and crop monitoring are changing the game for the agricultural industry, but the remote nature of farms has posed a challenge. Eutelsat ADVANCE provides broadband access to even the most remote locations for optimised agricultural activities.



Unmatched reach

Eutelsat’s satellite network covers every continent with a strategically placed fleet of orbiting satellites. No matter how remote the locations you visit, the distance you travel or the industry you are in, we have the connectivity solution for you.

High performance

Our legacy is built upon the advanced technology we employ to create connections wherever we go. Eutelsat’s solutions are versatile in their use and application, providing a seamless and scalable network experience for any industry or user.

Consistent delivery

Eutelsat is known for our consistent support of our customers. We offer efficient, highly reliable service delivery, 24/7 technical and strategic support as well as tools and options for customer troubleshooting.