Simple, inexpensive connectivity via satellite

With customer expectations increasingly demanding, and technologies constantly pushing the art of the possible, enterprises are fast harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Across all industries, billions of remote assets will soon be connected to increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams, in ways previously unthinkable. From industrial applications, to Smart Cities, farming, Point-of-Sales, and the latest security solutions; from highly valuable industrial assets to the smallest devices - data will power the world of tomorrow.

However today, many enterprises don’t have access to a global, reliable IoT connectivity service. They are unable to reach remote assets due to erratic or insufficient coverage, as existing connectivity solutions are too complex or prohibitively expensive. Connectivity has not always been within reach for every enterprise – until now.

Eutelsat will be at the core of the Internet of Things revolution, connecting businesses to assets in ways not possible before.  Whether fixed or on the move, across land and ocean, Eutelsat will revolutionise the way businesses access and use data from assets, no matter where they are deployed, in a simple and affordable way.



IP-connectivity service optimised for IoT

IoT_FIRST.pngEutelsat IoT FIRST is a simple and integrated solution including a compact, low-power, easy to install satellite terminal, Ku-band satellite capacity, and an IoT-dedicated hub, operated and managed by Eutelsat.

Terminals are easily and rapidly installed and configured thanks to an interactive Smartphone app that is available to help point the antenna and commission the modem.

IoT FIRST is proposed at the lowest price-point of alternative satellite-based solutions, in the range of cellular IoT connectivity services. The monthly subscription service starts as low as single-digit Euros per month, and includes access to a web-based portal and an API for customers to manage their connectivity service or further build customised applications for their businesses.



ELO satellite fleet dedicated to IoT coverage

Eutelsat has unveiled its new constellation of nanosatellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), dedicated to the Internet of Things. Called ELO (Eutelsat LEO for Objects), their global IoT coverage will enable objects to transmit data irrespective of their location, demonstrating the fundamental complementarity between terrestrial networks and satellite technology.

Low Earth orbit is particularly well-suited to the narrowband connectivity requirements of the IoT market. Complementing low-power, wide-area wireless technology (LPWA) IoT terrestrial networks, LEO solutions offer a satellite link anywhere in the world, without increasing the cost or energy consumption of the objects. This enhanced network coverage will open the door to many new use cases in areas like maritime transportation or logistics, and emergency situations.

The first satellites of this new fleet launched in 2021.